Steam Jet

  • STEAMJET is the product of 10 years of R&D designed for premium and distinctive steam car wash. It’s the only machine in the world with patent technology that can spray steam and wax simultaneously. It’s capable of generating high- pressure steam above 8 bar or pressure within 1 minute. The Wash & Wax as a single potent action forces out tiniest dust and sand particles off the car with high-pressure steam. The moisture element flows down to pick up the residues off the surface. The wax mixing device sprays warm wax to car surface leaving coating was as wipe off moisture. STEAMJET Wax lasts up to 8 times longer than conventional car wash.


  • ACDS (Advanced Control with Delayed Stop Mechanism)
  • Automatic shutdown if idle for more than 20 mins with micro leakage control.
  • Warning LED ‘ machine ready’ and malfuctioning’.
  • Hour counting device with service alert warning LED(after 400/800 inform customer that is time to make service )
  • Control of lime scale prevention system adjustable from 35 to 270 mm/h.
  • Motor /pump coupling protection with special lubricant retention system.

High Pressure Washer

  • Manmachine high-pressure washers have been developed with the aim of removing stubborn dirt under tough working conditions. Efficient cleaning results are achieved using high flow rates and high pressure. Years of technological advancement, research and development has made it a prestigious leader brand in Italy and worldwide.

Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is Ideal for professional cleaning, with two double stage motors reaching upto 2600w of maximum power where Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner comes with a single stage motor reaches upto 1400w of maximum power.
  • Manmachine Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner with a single stage motor reaches upto 1400w of maximum power.
  • An extractor with double stage motor that’s ideal for applications such as cleaning of car interiors & upholstery. The model is designed with an innovative 20 ltrs. detergent tank to be assimilated to the trolley and completely residual liquids tank

Automatic Car Washing System

  • M1 –
    M1 is the new rollover designed by ISTOBAL.
    Simplicity, reliability and a competitive price are the highlights of this rollover which completes the line of rollovers offering solutions for all needs.The M1 is designed to meet the needs of workshops, showrooms and rent-a-car companies that require a simple, efficient wash of a quality comparable with that of higher range models but without the need for extras such as high pressure, colour foam or special waxes. This new model is designed for facilities with a throughput of up to 1.000 vehicles per month.
    On the M1, the traditional hydraulic circuits have been replaced by locating the different rinsing, shampoo and foam nozzles at specific points, which means that the product is applied with pinpoint accuracy and thus with minimum water consumption.
    As with all other rollovers, electricity consumption is important. Accordingly, the dryer comprises 4 turbines with 3 kW motors, giving a total of 12 kW of power.
    The wash quality is non-negotiable, which is why the whole process on the M1 is as tightly controlled as on the top range models. The transducers used to measure the consumption of the brush spin motors are the essential element of control. To ensure the perfect wash of any type of vehicle, the M1 does an overlapping wash on the front and rear of the vehicles.Unlike the pneumatic brush travel systems normally used on low cost wash ranges, the M1 includes as standard, a brush travel system powered by motors to ensure that the system works perfectly.
  • M’START –
    Everything has a beginning and that is why with the new M’START we have decided to go back to first principles: simple design, ease of assembly and a sober image but with the appeal, durability and technological features expected of a 21st century wash machine.M’START is a rollover designed for wash facilities with a capacity of 400 to 1200 vehicles a month and is the perfect machine for those wishing to start off in the vehicle wash business in the most profitable way.


  • Rollover structure made of hot-dip galvanised steel with a minimum thickness of 50 micras.
  • Service lines connected by energy chain.
  • 4-nozzle wax circuit and shampoo circuit with pneumatic dosing pumps specific to each circuit.
  • Electronic circuits set up for connection to self-service.
  • Hydraulic circuit can work with two different types of water.
  • Non-drip system.


  • Wash and dry rollover comprising 2 vertical brushes and 1horizontal brush controlled by power transducers.
  • Option to include different dryer combinations on the same rollover.
  • Optional structure powder coating with a minimum thickness of 60 micras (30μ primer, 30μ colour)

Hydraulic Car Washing Lift

  • Our organization is specializes in supplying a qualitative array of Car Washing Lift. This car washing lift is developed using advanced techniques & best in quality material keeping in mind the set norms of market.
  • The syetem is provided with Robotic Under carriage wash gantry with nine Oscllating nozzles on a movinggantry covering every corner of the under carriage of vehicle. It takes not more than a minuts to wash the undercarriage and achieves good cleaning in the dirtiest of vehicle.


  • Manmachine brings you a superior range of specialaized cleaning agents and treatments like Foam, Color Foam, Super Wax, Self-drying Wax, Brush Wash Shampoo, Micro-fiber Cloth that are eco-friendly and safe for vehicles, car, equipments and human hands.
  • It can be laundered up to 500 times at 90 degrees centigrade using a standard detergent without the need of a softener or rinse aid. It should be washed separately so that it doesn’t capture lint. Do not iron.

Robotic Under Body Washer

Product Details:

  • Brand: Manmachine
  • We are offering Robotic Under Body Washer to our clients.
  • 1. The syetem is provided with Robotic Under carriage wash gantry with nine Oscllating nozzles on a movinggantry covering every corner of the under carriage of vehicle. It takes not more than a minuts to wash the undercarriage and achieves good cleaning in the dirtiest of vehicle.
  • 2. Complete system is provided with Relay Logic control and sensors for locating the vehicle and also selecting thevehicle length with easy operating remote panel.
  • 3. The plants is in Rugged steel construction with powder Coating/Hot Dip Galvanizing for corrosion resistance and longlife. Pump is Possitive Displacement High Pressure pump of Annoviv Reverberi Origin. This ensures faster, efficientcleaning with low water consumption. Plant also has vehicle Guide rail for secure placemnt of vehicle pressure.